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The Journal of Preventive Medicine publishes in an international language editorials, original papers, preliminary communications, review papers, discussion papers, letters to the Editor and book review.

Manuscripts are accepted for review provided that they have not been submitted to or published in another journal.

Authors should send two copies of the text including tables and illustrations and should retain copies of everything submitted. Romanian authors are requested to attach a copy of the Romanian version of the manuscript. Manuscripts may be accompanied by a copy on a 3.5 inch disk in any common word processing format (Microsoft Word is preferred).

Manuscripts and correspondence should be submitted to the Editor, Journal of Preventive Medicine, Institute of Public Health, 14 Victor Babeş Street, Iaşi- 700465, Romania. Tel.(40) 232 410399. Fax.(40) 232 210399, e_mail: elenavraciu@iasi.mednet.ro.

The Journal reserves the right to make editorial and stylistic changes in the text. Manuscripts will not be returned.



The entire manuscript should be double-spaced on one side of A4 (206 x 294 mm) paper. All pages should be numbered consecutively. Separate sheets should be used for the following: (1) title page, which includes the title, full name(s) and institution(s) (with mail addresses) of the author(s) by whom the paper is submitted, an abbreviated title to be used as running title (not to exceed 50 characters; (2) abstract and key-words.

The title should be as short as is consistent with clarity.

The Introduction should be brief and state the purpose of the work in relation to other work in the same field. It should not present an extensive review of the literature. Materials and methods should provide enough information to give the reader a clear idea of what has been done and to permit repetition of the experimental work. The Results should be given concisely. Wherever possible, mean results with confidence limits, or with standard errors of the means, and the number of observations should be given. The significance should be given as values of probability. Statistical tests used should be named. Conclusions and theoretical considerations must not be elaborated on in this section. Discussion should deal with the interpretation of the results and not the recapitulation of them. It should provide a comprehensive interpretation of the results obtained against the background of existing knowledge. Results and Discussion may be combined into one section. Brief Acknowledgements of grand and other assistance will be printed at the end of the text. References should be cited in the text using their Arabic numerals in brackets and listed at the end of the text in order of citation according to the Vancouver style and abbreviation of journals titles should be made according to INDEX MEDICUS.



Each original paper, preliminary communication and review paper should be preceded by an abstract of about 150 words. It should state: aims (objectives), materials and methods, results and discussion and the conclusions drawn from these observations. Reference numbers and non-standard abbreviations should not be used in the abstract.



Up to 10 key-words or terms should be appended to every abstract to direct the attention of readers and abstracting services to findings of central interest in the articles.



Tables should be understandable without reference to the text and numbered with Arabic numerals. Each table should have a descriptive heading. Conditions specific to the particular experiment(s) should be stated below the table. Units in which the results are expressed should appear at the top of each column. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum.



All figures should have legends (on a separate sheet) which contain sufficient information to make each Figure intelligible without reference to the text, suitable for high-quality direct reproduction, and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in the order they appear in the text.

Tables and Figures should not illustrate identical results.

Photographs should be of good quality glossy bromides, preferably mounted on card.


Units and symbols - the international system of units (SI) should be used.


Abbreviations should be defined when they appear in the text.