ISSN: 1582-5388

The Journal of Preventive Medicine has been founded by The Institute of Public Health Iaşi in 1993. From the beginning the publication has been edited quarterly one volume per annum. The journal appeared within the context of necessity for having a journal covering the broad field of domains related to public health, across three essential domains: health protection, disease prevention and health promotion within a medical context/ domain where treatment of diseases was the main aspect. We tried to overlarge the domain of publication, concentrating on Health Patterns and Determinants, Health Economics, Dental Health, Book Review, aiming to attract the varied domains of preventive medicine. This journal is exchanged with prestigious journals as International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, International Journal of Epidemiology, International Journal of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health, International Commission on Radiological Protection.

This journal is the only one in Romania that is published in an international language, aiming to spread the information, to collaborate with other institutes and health authorities departments from abroad as well as other experts from our country, to contribute to the development of public health network in Europe. Institute of Public Health Iaşi as member of EuroHealthNet, the European network on health promotion, invite all experts, including the scientists and researcher from over the world with inters in the public health to publish their results and activities in The Journal of Preventive Medicine as a main way to change knowledge and information.


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